Vacuum Compressed Space Saving Storage Bag

Real space bag Small (S) Size set 50 X 70 cm - 3Bags

Real space bag Small (S) Size set 50 X 70 cm - 3Bags

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Starting Price Rs.416

Available Options

No of sets: Quantity-size: Price / M.R.P
1 3 - S RS 416 Rs 600
2 6 - S RS 818 Rs 1200
3 9 - S RS 1206 Rs 1800
4 12 - S RS 1580 Rs 2400
5 15 - S RS 1941 Rs 3000
6 18 - S RS 2287 Rs 3600
7 21 - S RS 2620 Rs 4200
8 24 - S RS 2938 Rs 4800
9 27 - S RS 3243 Rs 5400
10 30 - S RS 3534 Rs 6000


Real Space Bags come in very handy at home and for travellers, too. All you need to do is just pack your folded clothes in Real Space Bags, use any vacuum cleaner and voila! – You now have up to 3 times more storage space in your suitcase. Which means you can shop so much more at your favourite holiday destinations and bring back home not just cherished memories but also so many more clothes without having to worry about how you would make space for all of that in your suitcases. Once back home, you are also saved from the troubles of finding space for all your new clothes in your closet, as you can easily put them away in your Real Space Bags and keep them right where you want! You can even carry empty Real Space Bags while travelling to pack your soiled clothes separately.

Small size: 50 x 70 cm:

Ideal for packing shirts, towels, Trousers and woollens.

Best suited for Medium size travel suitcases / trolley bags.

Legal Disclaimer:
Real space bag does not provide vacuum cleaner / machine / pump. It is mandatory to have access to a general purpose vacuum cleaner / machine / pump in order to use Real space bag.

Other Size Option

Real space bag Extra Large (XL) size set 100 X 120 cm - 2Bags

Starting at : Rs.522 Rs.750

Real space bag MIX sizes set (1S, 1M, 1L) 3bags. BEST SELLER!

Starting at : Rs.485 Rs.1400

Real space bag Small (S) Size set 50 X 70 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.416 Rs.1800

Real space bag Medium (M) size set 60 X 80 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.468 Rs.2700

Real space bag Large (L) size set 80 X 100 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.572 Rs.4125

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