Vacuum Compressed Space Saving Storage Bag

Real space bag MIX sizes set (1S, 1M, 1L) 3bags. BEST SELLER!

Real space bag MIX sizes set (1S, 1M, 1L) 3bags. BEST SELLER!

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Starting Price Rs.700

Available Options

No of sets: Quantity-size: Price / M.R.P
1 1-S, 1-M, 1-L = 3 RS 700 Rs 700
2 2-S, 2-M, 2-L = 6 RS 1400 Rs 1400
3 3-S, 3-M, 3-L = 9 RS 2100 Rs 2100
4 4-S, 4-M, 4-L = 12 RS 2800 Rs 2800
5 5-S, 5-M, 5-L = 15 RS 3500 Rs 3500
6 6-S, 6-M, 6-L = 18 RS 4200 Rs 4200
7 7-S, 7-M, 7-L = 21 RS 4900 Rs 4900
8 8-S, 8-M, 8-L = 24 RS 5600 Rs 5600
9 9-S, 9-M, 9-L = 27 RS 6300 Rs 6300
10 10-S, 10-M, 10-L = 30 RS 7000 Rs 7000


Real Space Bag is all about enabling streamlined storage for almost all your needs. The vacuum storage bags are made of top-quality material, using cutting-edge technology. Seven layers of polyethylene and polyamides (non-toxic, incidentally) come together to give you a bag that is not scared of taking on even your biggest storage needs. All you really need to do is use the bag along with any general purpose vacuum cleaner, as directed, and enjoy the fact that within a minute, your space has gone from crowded to organized.

Mix sizes box contains the following:

Small size: 50 x 70 cm + Medium size: 60 x 80 cm + Large size: 80 x 100 cm.

Small size: 50 x 70 cm:

Ideal for packing shirts, towels, Torusers and small woolens.

Best suited for Medium size suitcases.

Medium size: 60 x 80 cm:

Best suited for most clothing. Can also store jackets and thin quilts / small blankets.

Very much ideal for Large size travel luggage / suitcases.

Large size: 80 x 100 cm:

Most suited for blankets, sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets. They can also handle most small and medium size pillows.

Legal Disclaimer:
Real space bag does not provide vacuum cleaner / machine / pump. It is mandatory to have access to a general purpose vacuum cleaner / machine / pump in order to use Real space bag.

Other Size Option

Real space bag Extra Large (XL) size set 100 X 120 cm - 2Bags

Starting at : Rs.522 Rs.750

Real space bag MIX sizes set (1S, 1M, 1L) 3bags. BEST SELLER!

Starting at : Rs.700 Rs.1400

Real space bag Small (S) Size set 50 X 70 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.480 Rs.1800

Real space bag Medium (M) size set 60 X 80 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.675 Rs.2700

Real space bag Large (L) size set 80 X 100 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.825 Rs.4125

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