Vacuum Compressed Space Saving Storage Bag

Real space bag Extra Large (XL) size set 100 X 120 cm - 2Bags

Real space bag Extra Large (XL) size set 100 X 120 cm - 2Bags

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Starting Price Rs.522

Available Options

No of sets: Quantity-size: Price / M.R.P
1 2 XL RS 522 Rs 750
2 4 XL RS 984 Rs 1500
3 6 XL RS 1440 Rs 2250
4 8 XL RS 1871 Rs 3000
5 10 XL RS 2279 Rs 3750
6 12 XL RS 2624 Rs 4500
7 14 XL RS 2977 Rs 5250
8 16 XL RS 3305 Rs 6000
9 18 XL RS 3554 Rs 6750
10 20 XL RS 3767 Rs 7500


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Quite literally, as easy as 1-2-3, you would have ended up saving space and protecting all your items confidently.

The Real Space Bag works only with a vacuum cleaner – any vacuum cleaner. You don’t need extra attachments of any kind whatsoever – simply use the vacuum cleaner and its suction action to get going. Of course these days, everybody has a vacuum cleaner at home right?

But if you do not have one, we would gently urge you to buy one! There are plenty of low cost and effective options out there. The added benefit of doing so? You certainly reduce relying on fickle domestic help! And if that is not a viable option, simply borrow a vacuum cleaner from a friend or a neighbour.

Be cautious! Extra large bags are 100 x 120 cm. That’s a huge size. Meant for large and extra large size blankets - Medium size whole bedding sets - Couple of Large pillows. Not so ideal for travel packing.

Legal Disclaimer:
Real space bag does not provide vacuum cleaner / machine / pump. It is mandatory to have access to a general purpose vacuum cleaner / machine / pump in order to use Real space bag.

Other Size Option

Real space bag Extra Large (XL) size set 100 X 120 cm - 2Bags

Starting at : Rs.522 Rs.750

Real space bag MIX sizes set (1S, 1M, 1L) 3bags. BEST SELLER!

Starting at : Rs.700 Rs.1400

Real space bag Small (S) Size set 50 X 70 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.480 Rs.1800

Real space bag Medium (M) size set 60 X 80 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.675 Rs.2700

Real space bag Large (L) size set 80 X 100 cm - 3Bags

Starting at : Rs.825 Rs.4125

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